Market Activities

Our Market activities include corporate and investment banking activities specialized in R&D, financial engineering, business intelligence and process management (decision-making tools for trading, control and supervision, etc.).

Trading Analyst

The Trading Analyst team is in charge of assisting and supporting the trading teams in the production of risk analyses and the monitoring of activity indicators. The team brings both technical (IT development) and financial expertise. 

Norms, Controls & Governance

The Norms, controls and governance teams are in charge of identifying, monitoring and preventing operational and conduct risks across all market activities. 

Business Management Office

The mission of Business Management Office teams is to support, develop and promote market activities across all asset classes by providing support to business leaders, traders, sellers and financial engineers.

Trading Process Factory

The Trading Process Factory team serves trading teams based in Paris and London. Its mission is to manage, secure and improve trading processes by industrializing and monitoring as much as possible front office workflows.

Marketing – Product Specialists

At the heart of the trading room, the Product Specialist Marketing team, like its counterparts in Europe, assists salespersons in the design of sales materials (brochures, presentations, media campaigns, memo advisor, etc.) and produces numerous qualitative and quantitative analyses. The members of this team are in direct contact with the Societe Generale teams in Paris, London and Madrid.

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence team brings together all the experts on the technologies used to analyze market data in order to enable front office salespersons and traders to better understand the needs of their clients.

Research & Development

The Research & Development (R&D) department is responsible for the development and maintenance of price calculation applications and risk indicators for financial derivatives. These applications are deployed in Societe Generale’s trading rooms worldwide and used by the front office (trading, financial engineering, risk).

R&D department team are present in Paris, London, Hong Kong, New York and Casablanca.

The R&D teams in Casablanca cover an end-to-end ecosystem with:  

  • the Quant team in charge of the development of calculation libraries;
  • the Software Engineering team in charge of application development;
  • the Quality Assurance team in charge of the certification and production of each new R&D application version; and finally the Production & Cloud Ops team in charge of cloud infrastructure management and client support R&D world.

Societe Generale Index (SGI)

In close collaboration with the financial engineering teams worldwide, the SG ATS Index Structuring team participates in the development, structuring and post-trade management of SG proprietary indices for the entire Societe Generale group. More specifically, the team is in charge of the development of the index range, the implementation of quantitative models and the daily monitoring of investment strategies, created at the request of Societe Generale’s Corporate and Investment Banking sales teams.


Our Pricing team is an extension of the European Pricing teams based in Paris and London. It is in charge of designing, structuring and implementing structured derivatives transactions on all asset classes (foreign exchange, equities, credit, interest rates, etc.) for all types of clients (corporates, institutions, distributors). The role of this team is to respond to price requests on all asset classes arising from salespersons, in conjunction with trading.